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My Rates

​​Many voice actors base their rates on the GVAA Rate Guide.  This guide covers most types of VO work.


Below are the rates I charge for different types of VO work . . .


Reading has long been a hobby of mine, so recording audiobooks was a no-brainer for me. 


I charge $200 per finished hour (pfh), & that includes the recording & cleaning up of each chapter of the book.  While I edited my first few audiobooks myself, I quickly learned that it's much faster, & there's a much better sound, if I use a professional editor to clean up the files.  The rate above covers the cost of the editor as well.

Below is an estimate of costs based on the word count of a book:


I love learning, which is why this is another of my niches.


Narration/eLearning is much different than audiobooks or commercials.  These genres of VO normally charge either by word count or by blocks of 10 minute increments.  In both cases, the longer the project, the lower the price.

Rates listed below are provided as general guidance.  Charges for Medical or Corporate Narration will be more costly than a school or non-profit organization.

  Please note that there is also a studio fee of $150 that will automatically be added for any new project. This fee accommodates for session set up, script & performance preparation, file export, & delivery, & is the same regardless of session length.

For all Narration/eLearning projects, I offer free (reasonable) pickups that are requested within the first 48 hours of delivery of your project.  After that, there is an additional charge of $10 per line with a $50 minimum.

Voice recordings are delivered dry (raw) with no music or editing. If you need music added to the recording or files to be 'cleaned up' and ready for use, an additional $100 will be charged.

Voice recordings requiring the audio to be synced & timed to an existing video will incur a 50% upcharge (This does not include adding me adding the recording to the video).

A Rush Fee of 50% will be added to any project that needs a turnaround time of 2 hours or less.

Need your project split up into multiple files?  I can do that for an additional charge of $1 per file.

NOTE:  These prices are only for internal eLearning/Narration usage.  For eLearning/Narration projects that will be shared with the public, a 1-year continuous sales usage contract will be negotiated.

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